Willow Spring Ranch Montana, LLC

Katy & Richard Harjes

8363 Forswall Road
Belgrade, MT 59714


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Our Story

At Willow Spring Ranch Montana, we strive to produce the most tender, best tasting certified organic lamb possible. We raise grass-fed and finished lamb without added hormones or antibiotics. Aside from a mineral, kelp and salt supplement, required for their well-being, there are no added inputs. Our lambs grow quickly on their mother’s milk and our pastures of native grasses, alfalfa and clover. We work hard to ensure our lambs have low stress, high quality lives — and believe these practices, combined with a careful breeding program and the calcium rich soil of our ranch, are responsible for our incredibly mild and tender lamb.

We take pride in the careful management of both our flock and our land. A well-managed grazing program keeps our pastures healthy, provides our sheep with fresh and appealing forage at its nutritional peak, and allows us to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. In addition, we feel we are part of the natural environment here and have a responsibility to preserve what we can. We practice non-lethal predator control with the use of livestock guardian dogs and seek to maintain a balance between the agricultural and wildlife areas of our ranch.

Today’s meat industry is dominated by large-scale producers using genetically modified corn and soy in a petro-chemical based feed system to un-naturally fatten their animals. The result is hormone and antibiotic laden meat from animals raised in confinement. In addition to being produced in a manner disrespectful to the animals, it reaches your table carrying a great cost to the earth and your health. Given our dwindling natural resources, growing concern about how our food affects our health, and a desire to treat the animals we eat with respect, we feel we must find another way. To this end, we are helping to transition other ranchers’ lands toward organic certification, and work with like-minded family farms and ranches to bring you sustainably raised, Montana organic lamb.