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Current Retail Pricing

Prices listed are for cut and cryovac (vacuum) sealed frozen lamb.

We have available for purchase whole lamb, half lamb, or selected cuts. All prices listed are for the actual weight of cut and wrapped frozen lamb. A whole lamb consists of 2 leg roasts, 2 racks of eight ribs each, 12 loin chops, 1 shoulder roast, 5 packages of ground lamb, 4 shanks, and 2 riblets. If you wish to purchase a whole lamb we can accommodate special cutting instructions.

Whole lamb (27-30 lbs. of meat) $ 10.75/lb
Half lamb (14-16 lbs. of meat) $ 11.75/lb
Rack of Lamb $ 19.25/lb
Lamb Chops $ 18.75/lb
Leg of Lamb, boneless $ 12.50/lb
Leg of Lamb, bone-in $ 11.00/lb
Shanks $ 10.00/lb
Shoulder Roast, boneless $   9.50/lb
Ground Lamb $   9.75/lb
Riblets $   5.50/lb
Liver, Heart, Kidney $   5.50/lb
Lamb Bones $   3.00/lb

If you live outside the Gallatin Valley, we direct ship frozen lamb via Federal Express.  Shipping costs are added to the prices listed above. Rates vary depending on the size and destination of FedEx packages, so we determine shipping costs at the time of your order.

For questions, or to place an order, please e-mail us at:  info@MontanaOrganicLamb.com

Please see our FAQ page for a list of locations where our lamb is sold and served.